Why We Cannot Live Without Music

By Taylor Robinson

Could you imagine a world without music? Getting in your car and driving in silence, running off last nights dinner at the gym without your “go-to” playlist, or for you avid music listeners, showering without bumping your speakers on the sink. Life without music would be like seeing everything in black and white, or not even seeing anything at all.

Throughout religion, races, and cultures music represents who we are as a group and how we are unique in our own ways. Cultures around the world use music as way to celebrate and express their emotions rather it is through producing it our playing it for everyone to hear. Without having all different types of music to express who we are there would be lifeless parties, celebrations, and ceremonies. Everyone believes in something and the fact that music can become central in our beliefs is one of the simplistic beauties of life.

We are constantly shaping our music library to play the music we desire and that defines us. The individuality that music provides not only brings people together as one, but it separates us as individuals as well. What makes this unique is that every song is different in it’s on way, which is the same with the people of this world.

I personally do not know what I would do without music in general. I have listened to songs on end, not only hearing the words and the beats that the artists have created, but really listening to the words and sounds that are produced through the speakers. People connect with songs for one reason or another and it is how our brains categorize different emotions. We associate the good, the bad, and the ugly with the songs listened to during that time. After a hard day it’s nice to bump to some Pretty Lights or sit back and chill while listening to new beats on your SoundCloud account. Music does more things for us then we truly know, and it has most definitely shaped who I am as an individual.

It’s the excitement we get when our favorite artist drops a new beat. It’s the feeling we get when a long day is forgotten with Odesza’s new album. Music is constantly surrounding us and shaping who we are as individuals. Some may find music to be a nuisance or non-sense, but to others they find who they are and who they want to be. Music can become an escape from reality when you let it be.