Why ODESZA Should Be on Your Top Playlist 

By Taylor Robinson


When you’re the friend that everyone asks to make a sick playlist, you know ODESZA has to be top priority on the list. For those of you who just want to vibe out to good music with the homies, ODESZA is a must.


ODESZA has continued to impress their fans since 2012. Their new album In Return has a unique vibe, where every song becomes your favorite song. Within the short period of just two years, ODESZA has created such a large fan base; they have received over 15 million SoundCloud streams with an average of 500,000 per week.


Photo Taken By Taylor Robinson

Photo Taken By Taylor Robinson

The vibes that these songs give off provide dope chill step grooves. The music that they create is not simply just music. It’s the beat that absorbs you, it’s the emotions that pour through the speaker, and more than anything it’s the way the song surrounds you and brings you away from reality. These beats have been created to either jam out before the night out on the town or vibe out with the crew on a night in. Be sure to add ODESZA to your next “good vibes” playlist.


"Harrison Mills and Clayton Knight have spent the last couple years creating dreamy instrumental hip-hop as Catacombkid and BeachesBeaches, respectively. And while Catacombkid’s late-night beauty feels counterpoint to Beaches’ sunny bliss - together, as ODESZA, they create a world where both exist in gorgeous harmony."- Stereogum




1. “How Did I Get Here”


2. “My Friends Never Die”


3. “Say my Name” (feat. Zyra)


4. “Sun Models” (feat. Madelyn Grant)


5. “White Lies” (feat. Jenni Potts)


6. “In Return Megamix”