What is Music?

             Music is one of the greatest known entities that we as human beings have been blessed with. Along with our loving friends and family, the flow of rhythm and sound has the ability to make us all feel such a wide spectrum of emotions that there is something more to be said about the way that notes align in any given song or progression. Music is truly all around us, and when we take a moment to step back from it all, music is something that will forever be intertwined with our lives. It has been around for millenniums, and will continue to grow, change, and mold with this unpredictable future that we call life. I personally have developed such a deep connection with certain sounds, that it makes me optimistic and hopeful that everyone else has the opportunity to experience these connections as well. The thing about music is that it has the ability to speak to us on a much deeper level than what it may appear to when it first passes through our eardrums.

              In my opinion, there are two different ways of listening to music. Now that is not to say that these are the only two ways to listen to music, but from my perspective, these ways are what I personally have come to distinctify about listening to music. The first way of listening is recreationally, in a friendly environment as a sort of background noise or underlying crowd pleaser or sense of peace and clarity. In this instance, it is not necessarily the focal point of attention, but rather a mediator and keeper of the peace that is all around around. When played in these scenarios, we do not give it our full undivided attention, rather, we use the flow as a sort of guidance for our inner spirit and energy. There can be songs filled of euphoria, clarity, bliss, and serenity, as well as sounds filled with anger, sorrow, emptiness, and hopelessness. Even when we do not realize it, the music that is playing always has an impact on the certain scenario, situation, or mindset of our current states of being at that present moment in time. When sitting around a campfire, or looking out over endless skies of never ending opportunity, the music that is subtly playing as we get introspective with our friends and loved ones has such a unique ability to guide our thoughts and mental patterns. In these scenes, it is incredible to see and feel the amount of information that certain notes offer our brain, and how we allow ourselves to intake the beats and mold them to fit with the criteria of the present situation.

               The second way of listening to music in my opinion is what comes when submerge ourselves in the depth that is our own self being. When plugging in both headphones and taking a seat somewhere either in solitude or in a crowded environment, music becomes our best friend. In this state of listening, we escape from our everyday reality and travel to a place of inner bliss and clarity. Every individual has their own unique likes and distastes, and when dwelling in our favorite tunes, it is simply spectacular to watch how ecstatic our minds become as we play out the songs progression as it runs through our minds. Certain lyrics in this state literally have the ability to reach down into our soul and extract the parts of ourselves that we might not be able to reach as easily in a moment of silence. Again, this is not to say there is anything wrong with silence, but it is truly glorious that music provides us with the ability to alter our mind state however we so desire. This state of listening seriously speaks so much to me personally, and shows me how incrediby far “music” has come as a whole. Thinking back to the very beginning of music, it is simply jaw dropping to see how we as human beings have been able to mold these noises into so many different sounding ways. As we continue to progress and evolve, music joins us, and with that, there is an unlimited amount of opportunity for it to continue to keep growing and expanding.

              Live performances offer to me a state of euphoria that nothing else can provide. There is so much to be said for the ability of certain bands and producers to be able to exemplify their skills and talents to those who genuinely appreciate their gift to this world. When going to a show, I now really look to have that connection with the artist on stage, and love to watch where he, she, or they are able to take everyone in the audience during the duration of the show. I have never felt more in place then at some of my favorite shows, and when getting to look around and getting to watch all the love, positive energy, and connection amongst the gathering crowd; it is simply magical to watch us all come together as a civilization for those few hours of the morning, day, or evening. Music today is headed in a very interesting direction, and I personally am extremely curious to see where this is going to lead us to. I don’t think I will ever be able to say I have enough music in my life, and the crazy thing about that is there is never going to be a time when there is not a new sound around for my listening pleasure. Sometimes wonder if others see music in the same manner, and it is simply amazing for me to think that each of us has the opportunity to spread this depth and intimacy to each new being that comes into our stream of consciousness. There is nothing better to me than showing someone a new song, and genuinely knowing that they have just felt that connection that you have experienced with those same notes so many times before.

                Alas, I digress from the main point that is this piece of literature. Whether you are feeling happy, sad, upset, confused, worried, lost, or at peace, music is always going to be there to help mend and grow on those thoughts. It’s hard to put a definition on music because it has such a wide spectrum of knowledge surrounding it. Here’s to everyone else who feels as strongly about this subject as myself, I truly hope to meet each and every one of you beautiful individuals  at some point in my life. If you are still reading this, and still giving these words your utmost attention, I sincerely can not thank you enough for taking the opportunity to intake my personal thoughts and opinions on this subject. Not to say there is anything wrong whatsoever with those who do not think this way, but for me personally, music is my passion. I’m so extremely stoked to see where it is going to be able to lead me and our entire civilization as we stroll into the unknown future unraveling before our eyes on a daily basis.

Written By: Cooper Turley





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