Tropical House - The New Genre

We have all heard of house music. There is deep house, progressive house, tech house, the list goes go on and on. But what about tropical house? Artists like Thomas Jack, Kygo, and Klingande, are giving a taste of  “tropical house” music, which is a mix of catchy, melodic chimes and good vibes. Thomas Jack coined the term “tropical house” to describe his style, having come up with the phrase as more of a joke recommended by friend. But the name stuck. Thomas Jack is a 20-year-old from Australia, is a pioneer in this style of music.

He uses a variety of live instruments, such as the saxophone, flutes, and trumpets, to create a sound that the world had not heard before. Jack says he creates his sound by imaging he is having a beer on a sunny day. He has made some stellar remixes of already popular songs, like ‘Little Talks’ and ‘Teenage Crime’, as well as release original music of his own. And if you have 50 minutes time that you want to spend in uninterrupted bliss, give one of his ‘Thomas Jack Presents: Topical House’, mixes a listen.

Kygo is a 20-year-old musician from Norway, putting a topical and deep house spin on tracks. My personal favorite remix of his is, ‘Sexual Healing’ by Marvin Gaye. This track received over 250,000 plays in just the first ten days after being released. 2014 has really been Kygo’s breakthrough year, even having Coldplay ask him to do a remix of their song ‘Midnight’. This summer Kygo has been playing widely successful festivals, such as Electric Forest, The Hudson Project, and will be playing at Global Dance Festival at Red Rocks, this Friday.


Thomas Jack says that he sees the Tropical House subgenre in its beginning stages, and he, as well as us here at Bass Feeds The Soul, are interested to see what it will develop into. So next time you’re at the beach or just wishing you were there, throw on some of theses tracks and drift into a whimsical trance.  


Written By: Allison Regan