Tritonal is a duo out of Austin, Texas made of up of Chad Cisernos and Dave Reed. While they broke out onto the scene in 2011 producing trance, they are now known for their melodic progressive house. They had successful radio show called Air up There, which aired for 100 episodes closing with a sold out show in Austin. Chad and Dave then began a new radio show on SiriusXM named Tritonia, which is a reference to their worldwide fan base who have self-titled themselves ‘Tritonians.’ They are on episode 82 of Tritonia.

Throughout 2013 and 2014 they have been releasing an EP trilogy titled Metamorphic. September 15 saw the close of this trilogy with the Metamorphic III EP. It was the 200th release from Enhanced Recordings, a record label that Chad and Dave took part ownership of back in April 2013. They own the label along with trance producer Will Holland, and they have some heavy hitters on the roster such as Audien and Arty. The first track of the EP ‘Anchor’ is the definition of the Tritonal sound. Like many Tritonal songs, strong female vocals are the centerpiece to this track, taking you on a journey with uplifting lyrics. Dropping into a big progressive melody at the chorus, ‘Anchor’ is one of those songs that you learn the words to the first time you hear it, and then every time you hear it after that you have to sing along.

Next on Metamorphic III we have the big track ‘Satellite.’ This track embodies the energy that Tritonal is famous for. Again on this track are a strong set of vocals from Jonathan Mendelsohn, but they take second to the instrumentals in this one, quickly moving into a huge synth melody with no vocals, and then taking it to a grittier but still melodic drop using the same harmony. The first drop features a half time section for added filth, further demonstrating Tritonal’s skill. ‘Satellite’ was released as a single about a month and half before the full release of Metamorphic III, and it has garnered just shy of 900,000 plays since August 4th.

The third and final track of the EP is massively different from the other two. ‘Seraphic’ instantly stands out due to its lack of vocals and also because the song is half time at 70 BPM (beats per minute), making it a much slower song than ‘Anchor’ and ‘Satellite’ which are both house tracks at 128 BPM. ‘Seraphic’ is collaboration between Tritonal and Mr. FijiWiji, a young producer out Pittsburgh, and really goes to show how versatile Tritonal can be. In my opinion it is the darkest track of the whole EP series, which isn’t particularly surprising because most of Tritonal’s songs are very happy and uplifting. Still ‘Seraphic’ takes you on an interesting dark journey that really does draw the EP to a close in an awesome way.


All in all, Metamorphic III is a really solid release. It embodies the energy and emotion that Tritonal is known for, the lyrics are well written, and the creative direction that dark and mellow ‘Seraphic’ takes to end the EP is great. Download Metamorphic III on BeatPort and iTunes today!

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By Dominic Thomas

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