Top 7 Up and Comers to Catch at Electric Forest 

Nahko and Medicine for the People

When you first hear Nahko’s (Nahkohe Parayno's) voice you will be enchanted by the serenity and wisdom behind each lyric. Nahko and Medicine for the people is a folk group that was formed as a means of “Medicine for the People” says Nahko. What makes Nahko one of the up and comers to catch at forest this year is because although they aren’t extremely well known, their sets are always a spectacle to see.  Nahko’s enchanting voice and lyrical ingenuity bring a special “je ne sais quoi” to his sets that will inspire you.


Dantiez Saunderson B2B Kevin Saunderson

Detroit’s own Dantiez & Kevin Saunderson will be gracing us with their presence in a back-to-back set this year at Forest. These two up and comers are what Detroit Techno is all about. With both having roots in the Techno principals, together they will blend a unique sound into their set that the likes of Electric Forest have yet to whiteness.  This B2B can only be compared to that of Claude Vonstroke’s B2B with Green Velvet; both sets blending together a breathtaking techno sound. This is a must see set at Electric Forest this year.


K Theory

K Theory is composed of a trio; Malcom Anthony (vocals), Dylan Lewman (sampling/live conducting) and Dustin Musser (Keys Sampling). K theory is respected heavily within the bass and hip hop scene with having chart topping singles along with major label released remixes. Although this trio isn’t headlining, they make up for it by having a unique set that incorporates live rap along with those dirty drops that we all know and love.



Michelle Chamuel and Tyler Duncan both hail from Ann Arbor, Michigan, this duo utilizes unique electronica beats along with organic lyrics to create S/he . What I love about this group is that they aren’t influenced solely on electronic artists. In fact, they’re inspired by artists like Bon Iver, Radiohead, and Max Martian to name a few. One can see each of these influences within their music. Their set will be a must hear for all electronica enthusiasts!


Xavier Rudd

Xavier Rudd is said to be the Australian Jack Johnson. What Rudd does that’s different than ole Jack is that he utilizes different authentic Australian instruments, such as the Didgeridoo, and keeps in touch with root music. By doing this he creates a sound of pure melancholy, with his trusty Weissenborn lap steel guitars along with his didgeridoos. In my opinion what makes his set a must see is that his words will inspire you to follow your heart, or better yet follow the sun.



Max Hype better known as Protohype is a 23-year-old EDM producer from Los Angeles, CA. What makes Protohype so unique is that he has created a new genre on his own. The only way to describe this sound is to call it Dub Hop. With Hype originating in the world of hip hop his sound can be described as “…the gritty low end of dubstep with trunk rattling hip hop drums…” said by Electric Forest. Protohype is a part of the Firepower and Smog City record labels along with other artists such as Datsik and 12th Planet. Fire Power and Smog City artists are known for their jaw dropping B2B along with single shows. If you want to see a performance that has an endless supply of hip hop bass love than look no further. 


What So Not

The increasing popularity with Australian producers has become exponential in the past couple years. Yet, in my opinion none of that could have been done without the help of What So Not. Through his sets he brings a new type of sound that is newer to Americans, a sound of australian trap. This sound can only be described as grimy trap with a Flume chill melody. Flume created What So Not as a side project for more “club friendly viewers". Flume even commented on his side project saying “Forget Flume & go listen to What So Not…” ( If you love Flume, but would prefer to hear Trap, then this is the set for you! 

Written By

Chris Urbanek