Top 5 Sets to See at Euphoria


1. Keys ‘N Krates

Keys ‘N Krates is a dynamic electronic music trio hailing from Toronto, Ontario. Adam Tunes passionately plays the drums, David Matisse on keys, and award-winning Jr Flo on the turntables. The group formed in 2008 and will be gracing the Euphoria stage with their live re-mixing of hip-hop, electronic, and pop songs. Keys ‘N Krates has the ability to take hits from a variety of decades and genres, and transform them into a sound all their own. In 2011 KNK played their first festival and has been featured abundantly on lineups ever since. Opening for artists such as Kid Cudi, Pretty Lights, Skrillex, and more, the group has proved themselves within the music industry. This show will be high-intensity and provide a refreshing twist to electronic music.


2. Gareth Emery

This 33-year old DJ has been blowing up the EDM scene since 2002 with his trance and progressive-house hits. Starting in 2009, Emery has been ranked every year in the Top 100 DJs by DJ Mag and this is not expected to stop any time soon. Raised in Southampton, England, and from an early age was trained in punk-rock, jazz, and classical piano, yet he knew dance music was his true passion. Gareth now has his own label, a podcast, and an hour-long show on Sirius XM Radio called Gareth Emery Presents… In a recent interview he says that he does not plan his sets, instead he tailors each of his productions for that audience and atmosphere he is feeling.


3. The Crystal Method

One of the oldest yet most talented groups playing at Euphoria this year is the Crystal Method. Ken Jordan and Scott Kirkland created the group in 1993 and have just released their newest album 21 years later, titled The Crystal Method. This duo has been bringing electronic music with a rock twist to numerous video game, TV, movie soundtracks, concerts, and music festivals around the world for years. Having been around for so long, fans are unsure when they will decide to retire so be sure to catch them in Austin.


4. Beats Antique

Beats Antique fuses together a mix of sounds from different cultures and genres producing a “trip through your inner dimensions” according to the artists themselves. David Satori, Zoe Jakes, and Tommy Cappel are producing an electronic and world roots blend, encompassing beats that are energizing, yet sublime, both calming and animalistic. The trio is from San Francisco, California, and is known for being very earthy, and eclectic. On multiple tours they have traveled the country in a van that ran entirely on recycled vegetable oil. Zoe will be performing her powerful and seductive dancing on stage throughout the show, providing a different experience that is one in its own.


5. The Floozies

Brothers Matt and Mark Hill are bringing their fresh sounds to Austin, Texas this year. Since 2008, the two have been playing a mix of hip-hop, electronic, classical jazz, and of-course, all sorts of funk. This year the group toured with GRiZ and The Pegboard Nerds, developing their fan base exponentially. They claim they listened to funk music growing up with their mother and believe that everyone needs to bring funk to their lives. These brothers are known for making the crowd break out into epic dance parties.