Top 5 Festivals with the Best Food

1.   Tomorrowland


With Tomorrowland being quite arguable the most outrageous and decadent festival in the world it's not surprise they take the crown for festival with the best food. Taking place in Boom, Belgium, Belgium as a whole really takes pride in their food and is successful in withholding a unique and creative blend of flavors in their culture. Tomorrowland adequately reflects this culture through the food provided at the festival. Tomorrowland provides a wide variety of food to its festival goers and has something that will satisfy every taste bud on every tongue at the festival. They offer everything from fine dining to a big fat juicy burger and Belgian fries. Not to mention everything else in between, such as, Belgian Croquettes, tons of delicious vegetarian and vegan options, fresh sushi, Belgian steakhouses, fresh Belgian strawberries and fruit, an entire Frozen Yogurt setup, Korean food, anything and everything Italian, Belgian waffles and much, much more.


2.   Lollapalooza


Chicago has been said to have some of the best food in the world, and Lollapalooza is no different. If you’re looking for incredible food and tons of options, chow town at Lolla is the place to be. Chow town features over thirty premiere, local food vendors serving unique fare all day long. If you’re looking something even fresher, walk a few feet from chow town and a full farmers market will be at your disposal. The Farmers Market at Lolla pulls in the best locally-sourced festival fare to suite more conscious cravings. Located on the green grass across from Chow Town, it’s easy to grab your food and lounge in the lush grass of Grant Park.


3.   Bonnaroo

Bonnaroo has always been on top of their game with all things food, music and fun but this year they’ve completely blown us away. New and exciting experiences like the gastroPod Diner, Hamageddon & BaconLand and BonnaROOTS Community dinners are now available to all Bonnaroo attendees. As well past favorites like the Broo'ers Festival and the Food Truck Oasis to bring you an incr-EDIBLE experience. And for a more eco friendly and healthy option come enjoy a meal prepared by Crescent Foods in the Planet Roo Café. The Planet Roo Café is a 100% waste free café that features an array of healthy choices made with local and organic foods.


4.   Coachella

Coachella never disappoints in combining some of So Cal’s best restaurants, beverages, spirits and craft food vendors. From Baco Mercat and Night + Market to Outstanding In The Field to Clover Juice and Stumptown, Coachella has something for everyone. If you’re looking for something a little different, embark on outstanding in the field which includes a four course meal served family style and cooked by celebrated Chefs in the beautiful Coachella Rose Garden. Outstanding in the Field is a roving culinary adventure. Their mission is to re-connect diners to the land and the origins of their food and to honor the local farmers and food artisans who cultivate it. Also, don’t forget not to miss out at a dining experience at the Terrace. The newly expanded Terrace will cater to festival goers who share a passion for healthy, local and sustainable ingredients and will surely satisfy any vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, or dietary restriction option you have.


5.   Austin City Limits

Texas does everything big and Austin, TX does not disappoint on that philosophy. Austin is known for its incredible food and ACL is no different. With signature ACL fare such as the Hot and Crunchy Mighty Cone, vegetarian and gluten-free considerations and options far from funnel cakes or turkey legs, Austin Eats showcases the most premier Austin restaurants.




Written By: Meghan Hargaden