It is finally here. The week you have been waiting for since the final closing of the Book of Wisdom last September.  TomorrowWorld 2014: The Arising of Life is officially days away. With last minute packing, prepping, schoolwork, and an overall effort to wrap up the reality of the real world you will leave behind its easy to forget a few essentials regarding your 4 day vacation from the rest of civilization.  But don't fret we've got you covered. 

1. Register your bracelet: You must activate your bracelet before arriving to the holy grounds of Dreamville.  TomorrowWorld has also turned into a "cashless" festival requiring you to load up your festival bracelets with pre-paid tokens as these will be the only form of currency accepted by food and drink vendors. 

2. Stay weather updated: The hills of Chattahoochee experience intense heat during the day and frigid weather as the sun goes down.  Also, the South's weather is completely unpredictable.  Make sure you pack a rain jacket, sweatshirt, and some sturdy shoes just in case.  

Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 11.03.30 AM.png

3. Pack smart, Arrive early: The trek from the parking lot to Dreamville is paved with tears from last year's veterans as they had to learn the hard way that packing light was the way to go.  Depending on your arrival time will determine which district you will be placed in for camping.  The earlier you arrive the better camping spot you will have and thus a shorter distance to walk.  Although, if you do plan on overpacking or making a badass campsite, bring a wagon of some form! Thank me later. 

4.  Don't stress about scheduling: TomorrowWorld has packed a heavy lineup with top performers from all genres.  Anyone you see will be worth while.  Don't get caught up in scheduling times to see certain performances.  Live in the present fairytale that is TomorrowWorld and enjoy the freedom.   

5. Pack a pocket full of good vibes: The people of TomorrowWorld are some of the most genuine souls on the planet coming from all spectrums of the universe.  Mostly everyone there will offer you a high five or a friendly exchange of some fashion.  The real magic of TomorrowWorld lies within the people. So don't be a grouch. Deliver kindness and good vibes to everyone you meet. 

See you at TomorrowWorld! 

Written by Megan Holland 

All pictures are the property of their respective owners.