TomorrowWorld: An Escape From Reality 

This year TomorrowWorld geared up to create an experience that most would never forget. This enchanting yet vibrant festival held in Belgium every year is known as the second edition of Tomorrowland. In the world of electronic dance music the title of the most prominent international music festival is given to TomorrowWorld, a festival in which a “global family unites”. This renowned festival transformed into a home to 160,000 people in September 2014, who of which traveled from over 75 different countries to be absorbed into the world of EDM.

 The festival returned to Chattahoochee, Georgia covering about 8,000 acres of breath-taking land. The set up itself only took up roughly 500 acres, making this venue the ultimate playground for adults. This playground was originally farmland, specifically named Bouckaert Farm. The Bouckaerts are a Belgium family that was awesome enough to allow the parent company of TomorrowWorld, ID&T (founded in the Netherlands in 1992), to cover the grounds with their mind-blowing set up. Who wouldn’t want an EDM festival in their backyard? Pictures could not come close to doing the venue any justice especially the main stage, for some details were ones for the books. The elaborate yet enormous volcano returned from 2013 and lit up the main stage making a beautiful spectacle with smoke and life-like lava. From the beautiful intricate butterfly structures that were scattered throughout to the colorful mushrooms and candy canes lined up around every stage, there was not a dull square foot throughout the land. White string lights were placed along the twists and turns of the trails in order to travel from one stage to the other. Flames illuminated the sky while everyone scattered to decide which artist to jam out to next.  Mile long laser beams created an illusion for the viewers beneath them while LED screens were strategically placed between glistening waterfalls. The set up of the main stage takes the viewers on a journey of their imagination, in which their bodies, minds, and souls will have experienced nothing like this before. The detail throughout the shows were immaculate, for it seems as which nothing can top it… until 2015 of course.

The Incredibly dope 2014 line-up

The ambiance set the stage for the incredible line-up this year. This is the place where fans gather to see original talent and see their all-time favorite artists perform live. Artists like; David Guetta, Bassnectar, Skrillex, Kaskade, Zedd, Tiesto, Steve Aoki, Diplo and many others put on quite the show for their biggest supporters in September. This stellar line-up included some of the most famous EDM artists around the globe, and they came to jam out with their biggest fans. Hundreds of artists were given the chance to perform at TomorrowWorld on seven uniquely designed stages that were spread across 8,000 acres of land. This magical place called Chattahoochee is accessible from the Atlanta airport and downtown Atlanta, although most of the attendees avoided the trek home and stayed for the 5-day camping experience. Those who were not equipped to camp out had to endure long waits in traffic and the various twists and turns of the road leading into the festival. Regardless this experience is one worth the wait. What could make this journey even more of a dream come true? Fireworks. Fireworks took over the sky at night and lit the eyes of every bass dropping, heading bobbing, body swayer in the audience. It is the ultimate vacation from reality.


Having a dope line-up, an infectious vibe of happiness, and an enchanting environment is all you need right? Apparently not according to some of the audience that attended the festival. There were definitely a lot of mixed reviews that came about after TomorrowWorld. Some felt as if the return of the volcano from 2013 despite being so amazing was a bit redundant. But on the other hand some attendees really appreciated the enormity set-up for what it was. The immaculate volcano traveled 6,000 miles and arrived in 80 shipping containers. Others thought that the 30 minute trek from one stage to another was a little daunting, but for the others that saw the path lit up with white string lights and lined with colorful flowers was able to really capture the event for what it was. Magical. For the majority of the audience TomorrowWorld fulfilled their most magical dream. Regardless of the mixed reviews one thing that everyone can agree on is that the rolling hills, endless lakes and rivers, and forests really make this place an escape from reality.


Contrary to the beliefs of the non-festival junkies, TomorrowWorld is not just a 3-day party. It is a time for people to form a community based off of something that they will cherish for a lifetime. There is a connection formed at these festivals with the people around you, and you get the chance to form bonds that will stay with you when you return to reality and your daily routine. The creators of TomorrowWorld envisioned an environment where individuals could come together in an environment where the imagination can run free. TomorrowWorld was nominated for Best Festival Worldwide by the International Dance Music Awards in 2014. The immense detail and time that went into making this festival more than amazing is remarkable. The time has come to find yourself and find different ways to view the world through EDM. TomorrowWorld easily exceeded the expectations of the newcomers as well as the ‘veteran- attendees’ for the year 2014. We now all await what is to come and what is in store for 2015.

Although the breath-taking scenery, ‘ear-gasmic’ music, and elaborate décor make TomorrowWorld a dreamland, it’s the uniqueness of the people that attend the festival that make it what it is. “People of tomorrow, you wrote the second chapter of the rising of life; keep the memories in your heart forever.”

By Taylor Robinson