Image found via Google Images 

Image found via Google Images 

           Now I know what you might be thinking, “Ghetto funk? What the hell is that?” Well I’m glad you asked, Ghetto Funk is a sub genre of EDM that infuses hip-hop sounds with breaks, and of course all of the funk you can handle. The rise of Ghetto Funk is slowly creeping its head into the mainstream electronic culture, but few truly understand what it is. Internationally, Ghetto Funk is very popular. Especially in Canada, Ghetto Funk has been so influential. with it being seen more frequent at Canadian festivals such as Motion Notion, and Shambhala Music Festival. 

          Ghetto Funk not only is a genre but as well as a music label, blog and agency based out of Bristol, United Kingdoms. Being an international label they have a multiude of artists from all around the world such as; Basement Freaks, Dancefloor Outlaws, Featurecast, Slynk and the king of Ghetto Funk himself, Stickybuds. Although Ghetto Funk is a fairly new genre, with the label starting in 2010, it has received an absurd amount of attention in the UK and Canada. Winning the best record label from the International Breakbeat Awards in 2012 & 2014 makes this genre one to not over look.

           With Ghetto Funk Records receiving international recognition we can see more and more fans from all around the world supporting these ghetto funkalicious producers. Coming from the U.S I have never heard of ghetto funk or any of these artists until I went to my very first Shambhala Music Festival. Going there this year for the first time was a real eye opener. When I got there I remember some Canadians that I made friends with had told me about Stickybuds and Ghetto Funk, and I was completely dumbfounded. When they took me to see Stickybuds this year at Shambhala I think I honestly lost it. The sound of gettho funk is so unique, it has that funky sound that we all know and love but also includes breaks that  As the set ended I questioned myself, “Why isn’t this more popular in the states?” Ghetto Funk has everything Americans love: Funk, Hip Hop, and enough bass to give you a migraine.   I think the main issue behind this is that not many americans know what ghetto funk truly is. With most of the Gettho Funk artists being international producers it makes it harder for them to come to america.

    Gettho Funk has blown up all over the world, I think it’s time now that the world truly understood what ghetto funk is all about.

Written by: Chris Urbanek