Setting Up Camp at Scamp

        The rugged style of Summer Camp’s traditional camping is unique. Music festival campers are not allowed to drive up to their campsite; scampers must unload their cars in the parking lot and physically haul all their gear to the site. This becomes a team-building activity, however, and can strengthen bonds to set a tone of teamwork, cooperation, and compassion for the weekend. A wagon can shorten the number of trips necessary to unload, but regardless, a joyous sense of accomplishment rewards the hard work and sweat put into setting up.

             The multitude of campsite areas allows attendees a variety of accommodation options. Locations include several fields, camping spots in the forest right near the camping stage, VIP-only camping, and several RV camping options. The sites in the field are perfect for spreading out a dojo for your festival crew; many scampers bring tons of tapestries to set up a fortress around their tent, giving them a shaded area to beat the heat during the day. Camping in the forest also allows for some R&R; it’s perfect for napping between sets while birds flit and fleet from tree to tree overhead during the day, and for recuperating after a long day of excitement with homies, surrounded by the cool, still, night air. The forested campsite is very popular with scampers, who decorate their campsites with tapestries, flags, and artwork. Wandering through this wonderland, you may stumble across an inflatable solar system display strung up on fishing wire, totem poles, googly eyes pasted on trees, or even a homemade performance backdrop with an amp or two nearby. Scampers get to know their neighbors, sharing stories and musings as they unwind in their tents, immersed in the beauty of nature.


Written By: Hanna Danecker