Ben Cooper – a man infamously known for his instrumental, poetic work that submerges any listener into a melodic environment flowing through your eardrums like a mystical windstorm.

His work stretches through many titles, my personal favorite, Radical Face. It seems this outlet is, in short, occupied by euphonious short stories; his works involving themed albums such as Ghost, and smaller releases such as the most recent of The Bastards Volumes, The Bastards: Volume III.

Electric President, another famous involvement, of Cooper’s involves duo releases with Alex Kane, and puts the genre “indie” truly into an electronic independent category. Electric President allows any listener to surf the waves of an electronic roller coaster with elements extending into Radical Face territory involving claps, and a sort of back and forth tempo of percussion, acoustic and voice samples. However chaotic Electric President can come off to a first time listener, the chaos is only matched by Cooper’s soothing voice. Harmonious oxymoron just for me? Yes - please, and thank you.

Beyond his work in Radical Face - Electric President, Patients, Clone, Iron Orchestra, and other works are available for one’s personal listening pleasure on his website Patients, Clone and Iron Orchestra remain with the sort of foundational features involved in Cooper’s main works, however in works such as Iron Orchestra, it’s a purely instrumental experience. Patients, to me, is an experience of Radical Face with some slight tweaks in sound, however in his “trilogy of records” as he describes it – the experience continues on and on. Hopefully forever. Please Cooper, don’t go back to your Florida home and retire near your family just yet; we need you.

Any chance to listen to Radical Face live is currently restricted to the European native due to their tour's destinations, but as a fellow fan that luckily landed a show - it’s definitely worth your while. Considering the 3 headed raven t shirt I snagged at the band merch table that I can’t seem to find anywhere on the internet, you can’t reproduce this experience. So don’t let your opportunity slip through your fingers, go ahead, press play and fall into the music.



Written By: Ana-Sophia Brande