Porter Robinson: Worlds

The 22 year old producer hailing from North Carolina released a 12 track album entitled, "Worlds" this morning. "Worlds" takes the form of an emotionally beautiful journey incorporating a variety of sounds.  With influences from Japanese culture and childhood memories, Porter creates a symphony of unwritten tales that are waiting to be experienced.  The thought provoking frequencies and notions settles the listeners into a calming state of self exploration.  And even though some of the tracks evoke sadness or a longing feeling they are perfectly balanced out with a happy undertone.   Everything from the album art cover to the titles of the songs to the person being depicted throughout the story embody Porter's new found sound. 

Screen Shot 2014-08-12 at 9.24.51 PM.png

The album has received an abundance of support from not only Porter's fans, but from fellow producers as well.  Madeon took to twitter to express his love of "Worlds" and said it was one of his top four albums of...well ever.  Dillon Francis also reported via twitter that he had pre-ordered the album.  Even Kill the noise shared in showing support for the newly released album.


With not having seen much new music from Porter in the recent year, a change was necessary and he certainly delivered.  Although, his earlier tracks "language" and "spitfire" will always remain classics, his new spin on melodies boasts life into a sometimes redundant electronic musical world. I personally bought the album via iTunes earlier today and was completely blown away by the overall style.  Its smooth transitions from different emotional states are reflected throughout the tracks in a number of ways.  My personal favorite track of the album would have to be "Flicker".  The soft lyrical voice complimenting the windingly joyous overall tone of the track truly transcends my mood into a happier state.   Another one of my favorites would have to be "lionhearted".  Its futuristic and pop hipster vibe cross pollinate into a beautiful tale of determination and will power.  It's incredible how his message and feelings can be delivered and understood just by listening to his music. The overall theme of the album made me feel hopeful for the brighter days to come and for that I cannot thank Porter enough for. I definitely agree with Madeon as this is one of my favorite albums of all time as well.  I could go on and on about how good each and everyone of the tracks are, but it truly needs to be experienced to fully understand the diversity and meaningfulness of this newfound masterpiece. Check out Porter's album on Beatport and iTunes today!  

Written by Megan Holland


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