Music, a Universal Phenomenon

    The universe is impregnated with sound. Sound is everywhere; it consumes our world and shapes our being. We use sound through language, survival, and of course music. Now the big question is what defines a sound as music? What makes music, music? To put it simply, all music is, is just a synthesis of vibrations causing a unique pattern of pitch and rhythm. And just like music, every noise, scent, sight or experience you have is just a result of the vibrating energy making up our universe. So really every sound we perceive can be considered music. Every experience we have can be defined as art because down to a subatomic level it’s all just vibrating energy manifesting into different forms. How you choose to perceive that vibrating energy is up to you. “There are two ways to live: you can live as if nothing is a miracle; you can live as if everything is a miracle” Albert Einstein.

There is a direct connection between musical sounds and the natural universe. Music and art are incredible tools to discover the truth and true nature of the universe. Before anything can be created and manifested into reality, we first must think about what it is we want to create. For example, when an architect is designing a new home; before that home can be created the architect must first think of the design. Everything ever created is a result of nothing more than an idea. The same goes for music; music is just a projection of the artists mind. Now, you’re probably thinking, so what; of course we have to think of things before creating them, who cares? But it all goes much deeper than that.

Because everything ever created is just a projection of an idea, this can give us huge insight into the true nature of the universe. We are an intrinsic part of the universe, a focal point if you will, where the universe is becoming conscious of itself. So in order for us to understand the true nature of the universe, we must understand the true nature of the human mind and of human consciousness. What better way to do that than listening to music and exploring the deepest parts of that individual’s unconscious. By observing the world around us and exploring our minds and each other's minds, we will be one step closer to understanding the universe as a whole because we are an intrinsic part of it.

This was an extremely brief summary to the correlation between music and understanding the universe, I highly encourage anyone interested in this topic to do further research. I also highly encourage anyone who is reading this to really pay attention to the next time you are listening to music. Be conscious of the fact that in listening to the projection of this person's mind, you are gaining insight into an understanding of not only their consciousness but the consciousness of the universe as a whole.

Written By: Meghan Hargaden