No Cameras Allowed

If someone told you that you could get into any festival you wanted for free for only a little risk… would you?  Skillfully adorned in multiple, fake bracelets and an entire collection of cameras around his neck, Marcus Haney did just that.  Beginning in 2010, Haney went to his first music festival, Coachella with one of his friends.  However, this festival road trip and experience had an unconventional twist.

Living the life of a struggling college kid, Haney had no money to afford a ticket to such an expensive festival like Coachella, but in 2010 decided to make the trip anyway.  Four years later, MTV is releasing a documentary about Haney to showcase his adventures, titled No Cameras Allowed. The film follows Haney through his preparation and as he sneaks through security barriers at acclaimed festivals like Ultra, Bonnaroo, and Austin City Limits.  The documentary gives the viewer a first hand experience of the people he encounters, as well as Hanley’s up-close and personal, free footage of artists like Mumford and Sons, Skrillex, Tiesto, and Edward Sheeran.

 No Cameras Allowed is a compilation of Hanley’s filming accompanied by a storyline ensuing his entire experience explained by himself, his friends, and his family.  Though, this MTV documentary is much more than the story of a rebel festival goer; its outstandingly amazing show footage taken by Hanley himself is enough to blow any music lover out of the water.  MTV’s No Cameras Allowed takes the audience on Marcus Hanley’s unpredictable and unorthodox summer adventure, revealing a magical journey that started his festival obsession and began his lifetime career as a professional film artist.  This August look out for No Cameras Allowed at a theatre near you as a perfect way to wrap up your festival summer!

Written By: Andrea Inscoe