Memorial Day Weekend in New York

New York seems to be winning Memorial Day Weekend this year for festival goers. Hosting two incredibly massive festivals over the span of the weekend, NY is definitely the place to be. But how do you pick one festival?! (This would be the perfect time to have the superpower of being in two places at the same time)


The Festivals:

EDC NY: Insomniac Event’s rave filled wonderland complete with the notorious carnival theme, art installations and visuals, talented dancers and performers, amazing and loving vibes, and all things electronic music will be coming to NYC this memorial day weekend. While smaller than the flagship EDC Vegas, Insomniac has already proven it’s plans to make EDC NY bigger and better for the 2014 festival. This is the third time EDC will be in NY.



Mysteryland: The largest and longest running EDM festival finally debuts in the U.S.A. Having an enormous impact in Europe, ID&T and SFX Entertainment came together to bring the iconic and historic event to the states. With a fairytale decor and vibe, this festival is truly a raver’s paradise, featuring a range of genres. It is already making a large impression in the EDM community in anticipation for it’s inaugural USA festival.

The Venues:


EDC NY: Although NY is in the name, it is actually being held at Metlife Stadium in NJ, which borders NYC. The venue is home to the NY Jets, and has the capacity to hold the carnival rides, gigantic stages, and thousands of fans for the festival.


Mysteryland: Already coming up with an iconic start in the states, Mysteryland is going to be held at Bethel Woods, NY, on the original Woodstock festival grounds. It is the first festival to be held at the grounds since the 1969 Woodstock.




EDC NY: Close to multiple airports, this allows flexibility and convenience for festival goers. Newark, JFK, LaGuardia, and even Philadelphia’s airport all have easy and readily accessible routes to NYC. For hotels, there are numerous hotels on the NJ’s border with NYC, as well as the surrounding area. If wanting to stay in the city, festival goers can take an inexpensive 15 minute bus or train ride into the city, where hotel options are endless. They are likely to be higher priced because of the event, as well as Memorial Day in general. Because of the continuous flow of traffic in the area, it is very easy to get to and from the festival and the hotels.


Mysteryland: Being further from the city, there are some small domestic airports in rural NY that is closer to Bethel, NY. But the majority will likely fly into the major airports of JFK, Newark, and LaGuardia which are all in the NYC area. From there, it is about a 2 hour drive to the grounds. There is also a daily shuttle bus service from NYC straight to Bethel Woods, which is about 3 hours and costs roughly $70. There is also numerous NJ transit and NY transit buses, trains and shuttles that service towards Bethel, NY. Mysteryland is largely a camping festival, offering free continuous shuttles to a neighboring campsite. Parking is not allowed on the grounds itself but there are parking spots near the grounds and Mysteryland provides shuttles for the festival goers.



The Locations:


EDC NY: Less than 15 minutes away from NYC, the proximity definitely provides a unique atmosphere. Ravers from the New York scene will be out, as well as many who travel to come to this festival. As with everything, NYC provides an incredible variety in it’s crowds, but EDC captivates the unity between fans who come out for the celebration of love and life, and most importantly, the music.


Mysteryland: About a two hour drive west from NYC, Bethel, NY is a serene, rural town away from the craziness of the city. Being hosted on the famous Woodstock festival grounds is definitely a historic event, giving great pride to Mysteryland and offering a truly unique atmosphere. The location is secluded, and is breathtaking in nature and scenery. Being surrounded by the plush green grass and trees, the setting is ideal for this festival and for camping.

icketing Prices: Get your tickets ASAP!


EDC NY: Only for festival goers 18+! A regular ticket is currently $199. A VIP ticket (only for those 21+) is currently priced at $299. Both will increase as the lower tiers sell out closer to the event date.


Mysteryland: Only for festival goers 21+! A regular ticket without camping ranges from $179- $219 depending on how fast the lower tiers sell out. A VIP ticket, again, without camping, ranges from $299-$399 depending on how fast the lowest tiers sell.


The Lineup!:


Ultimately the most important part of the festival….Both lineups were released Thursday, March 6. Competing with each other, the lineups both have knockout and standout heavyweights, newcomers, and offer a variety of subgenres.

Promo Videos:


Decisions, decisions…. Either way, with both festivals you are sure to have a magical Memorial Day Weekend. But if you still haven’t decided, watch the promo videos to get a visual feel for the festival.


Written By: Christina Pitch