Madonna + Disclosure

    Over the weekend, multiple Instagrams from both the Lawrence brothers and Madonna were shared live backstage from The Governor’s Ball in New York. She jokingly shared with fans that she was their "security" and posted photos of the English duo as they preformed on stage during their incredible set at Gov Ball. After hearing much talk about the pop-goddess collaborating with both Diplo and Avicii, it wouldn’t come to us as a shock that these pictures mean Disclosure could soon be featuring her iconic voice in one of their pieces.

Screen Shot 2014-06-10 at 12.25.13 AM.png

    Even though Madonna comes from a different scene (she’s old enough to be your mother) and has produced more pop influenced grooves, it makes sense that her style would fit well with electronic music’s fun vibes. Despite her questionable “How many of you have seen molly?” comment she ignorantly asked the crowd at UItra Miami 2012, it is expected that her powerful voice and raw musical talents prevail! We will stay updated on any more info on her collabs- especially with Disclosure as it could turn out to be their catchiest tune yet...

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Written by: Melanie Gordon

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