How to Start Saving for Next Summer's Festivals

Although festivals are worth much more than any price to put on a ticket, the fact is: they still cost a ton of money. After the price of the pass itself, to camping or lodging, food, merch, transportation to and from the fest, emergency money and everything in between, there’s a lot to consider when budgeting enough money for the whole trip. So, here are a few tips to saving cash throughout the year so that your wallet isn’t getting wiped out after clicking “Purchase Tickets”.


Get a piggy bank!

It may seem childish, but your loose change really does add up quick. Each time you have some jingle in your pocket, set it aside in a jar or container of some sort. Set a goal for how long you’ll collect for, and before you know it, there will be a whole bunch of money waiting for just the perfect purchase.



Budgeting seems like it would be this whole ordeal of math, organizing, and stress. However, to write up a quick budget is super easy and incredibly helpful in all aspects of your financial life. Start with the basics: food, gas/transportation, rent/utilities, and entertainment. Then divide each of these into subcategories. Begin keeping track of where you’re spending your money and where. Once you think you have a feel for where your money is going, see if there is anywhere to set aside some extra cash here and there. An easy way to avoid the entire math process is to simply just put a specific percentage of your paychecks into a savings account; many employers and banks will gladly do this for you.


Sell, sell, sell

You see advertisements everywhere: companies all over the world are asking YOU to sell THEM your used stuff. There are great websites to sell all sorts of your old belongings such as (cell phones and electronics), (textbooks), and of course the well-known companies such as Ebay and Amazon. There are even apps for buying and selling things, just search for them.  If you’re creative and talented in anyway, maybe consider selling some of your art, pins, and custom-made clothes, whatever! Or, if you just tend to have a lot of clothes collecting dust in your closet, a perfect option is to throw a good ol’ garage sale or head on down to the local consignment store.


Odd Jobs

Although not everyone on Craigslist is legitimate, a fair percentage of people legitimately need someone to do them a favor for a fair pay. Anything from window-washing to house-sitting to driving someone’s car cross-country for them for a move, it all pays off. Some jobs even are regular things for just a couple hours a week. It’s never a bad choice to simply check some classified ads on the internet, local newspaper, or simple word of mouth and see if you can’t find some of that green.



I’m not saying you have to donate an organ or anything, but there are indeed some things you can part with that could be put towards your Festie-Fund. Even things as simple as skipping your morning Starbucks run on Tuesdays, taking public transportation or riding a bike to save gas, or playing Chef for the night and cooking a meal at home instead of going out. And, let’s face it, we all have compulsive spending habits. It’s our generation. Convince yourself that you DON’T need the shiny new purse or dope skate deck when you have perfectly functional counterparts right at home. Just think of all the cool merch you pass by at festivals that you don’t have the cash flow for! Well, with some sacrificing throughout the year, you may come back with something you couldn’t see yourself living without from your festival of the summer.


We aren’t all blessed with total self-control when it comes to spending money, but with just a few simple tips to follow, it may seem easier than it ever has before. Festivals can cost anywhere from $100-$1000+ with all aspects included. Don’t be left behind for insufficient funds!  


Written By: Jaelyn Kohl