In the span of just three days, the story of MiMOSA’s temper tantrum has become the gossip on EDM’s lips.

According to event organizers at Mystic Music Festival in Houston, TX, MiMOSA had a designated time slot before Downlink. Refusing to stop playing in order for Downlink’s set to start, MiMOSA was politely asked multiple times to end his set. When he finally left the stage, very unhappy about the fact, he threw the mic down onto the CDjs and angrily stormed off. After a couple minutes, MiMOSA reappeared on the stage and began yelling “Fuck Downlink” into the microphone. Security quickly pulled him away to backstage and he calmed down for a minute, only to come back onstage while Downlink was performing and poured an entire bottle of vodka all over him and his equipment. Security again removed him from the premises.

Minutes later, MiMOSA tweeted the following statement (now deleted from his Twitter):

Hate then began to litter all of MiMOSA’s social network profiles such as Twitter and Facebook. Comments ranging from “Dude you fucking suck” to much more colorfully worded messages that continue to be posted on his pictures and posts, days after the fact. The day following the incident, he issued an apology via his Facebook account.

“I’m sorry to my fans who saw what happened last night. If anyone has seen me perform before, you know how intense of an experience it is for me. The festival didn’t provide a production manager or anyone else at the stage so when the DJ after me thought it was his turn to play, he just came up and unplugged my equipment and I lost it. End of story.

Today, he issued another apology.

“It's unfortunate what happened at the Mystic Music Festival. I want to apologize for my actions that night - that behavior is no way a representation of who I am as a person and was just inappropriate. Putting on a great show is what is most important to me and I was not able to due that based on behind the scenes circumstances. I look forward to playing for you soon and I am sorry to anyone who may have been offended.

In both of these apologies, there is no mention of any remorse towards Downlink. Fans of Downlink have pointed out this fact, calling MiMOSA “immature” and saying that his career is over. Many are not convinced that his apology was heartfelt, but rather inspired only from the intense backlash he is receiving from EDM fans.

Downlink’s public reaction is as follows:

Today, he issued another statement on his Facebook.


MiMOSA is notorious for his “Fuck the haters” type of attitude, with gold grillz and expensive chains. He’s been known to refuse to play shows for the simple fact that he was not allowed to smoke a joint on stage.


In EDM there is a certain standard of respect that all artists are held to. Because this outburst is as outrageous as it is, many people have taken a stand against MiMOSA, saying that they have lost respect for him and his music and will not be attending his shows any time soon. However, there are people who are standing by MiMOSA, preaching that everybody makes mistakes and loses their tempers at some point. So we are faced with a real morality question: is it worth it to hold a grudge due to inappropriate behavior or should forgiveness trump all situations?


Here at Bass Feeds The Soul, we do not take sides in the matter but rather provide accurate information for our fans to decide what opinion they want to uphold.


Written By: Jaelyn Kohl