Gratifly Introduces Meal Plans

Have you ever found yourself surrounded by a vortex of edible bliss with your pockets empty? Wouldn't that nice organic smoothie quench your thirst and fulfill your hunger for the long night ahead? This problem is solved by South Carolina's Gratifly music festival and their introduction of meal plans. An easy way to buy your breakfast, lunch, and dinner before you even get to the festival. Not only are you receiving three meals a day, but Cafe Gratifly will also provide it's consumers a homegrown farm to table experience.  Offering these healthy organic meal plans makes festival life fun, easy, and one less thing to worry about. Food is a rather expense endeavor of the festival culture, however, by pre-paying for your guaranteed healthy meals allows festival-goers to spend their cash and time on far better things (like the badass merchandise booth and the utopian experience of Gratifly). Gratifly is offering festival-goers a variety of meal plan options including a meal a day plan (3 meals), the half meal plan (6 meals), and the full meal plan (11 meals).  These plans were designed to accommodate any virtual budget and will be a great asset to the festival experience if purchased. Gratifly will be held from July 24th-27th in Avalon, South Carolina, which features a diverse gathering of over 60 incredible acts, live art, and endless memories. Grab your festival tickets and meal plan passes on the Gratifly festival while they still last!  


All pictures are property of Gratify Music and Arts festival. 

Written by Megan Holland.