Free Festivals?

Festivals, for many, have proven to be some of the most exciting times over the summer months (and even into the year).  Between the different varieties of music, being in the beautiful outdoors, and spending time with amazing people, there are so many reasons festivals affect us in so many ways.  However, with festival ticket prices rising into the hundreds it can be difficult to afford attending multiple festivals, if not one.  But what a lot of people do not know is there are different options that offer free tickets!

To score free tickets some people find different organizations or make connections that will put their name on lists for press coverage or VIP, only not everyone has that kind of dedication.  For those that want to attend festivals without long term commitment many offer volunteering positions!  Volunteering at festivals requires an allotted amount of work during the festival, helping with parking, setting up, cleaning etc., where once the hours have been satisfied the volunteers are free to enjoy the festival as a guest!  The word “volunteering” may sound like all work and no play, but it has a lot of perks that regular festival goers do not receive!

When volunteering, along with a free ticket, individuals are often offered camping with private and free showers, private toilet facilities, and free food.  But aside from the physical gains, there are a lot of relationships to be made as well.  Staying in a campground with all volunteers and working with different people (sometimes at late hours of the night) allows the individuals to get to know each other and the behind the scenes of the festival a lot better.  Although it may seem like a lot of work, the time that must be dedicated to helping can also make the festival experience that much more worth it.

So next year, if you are feeling tight on cash or want to give a helping hand in a great environment, consider festival volunteering! Festivals such as FireFly, Bonnaroo, Hangout, Wakarusa, Shambhala, and more, offer volunteer opportunities.  In order to find out if your favorite festival allows volunteers just make sure to check out their website for an application or contact the festivals management.  Next summer consider making your festival experience even more satisfying with a little volunteering!

Written By: Andrea Inscoe