As warmer weather washes over us, festivals are cropping up every few days all over the country. Each festival will have its own story, with thousands of people attending and a different feel to each one. No matter the festival, people will walk away saying it was life-changing, magical, and like nothing else in the world. Unfortunately, some people will not have the time of their lives and it is most often due to a lack of festival etiquette. With dozens of festivals occurring over the next few months, it is important to keep in mind that what keeps festivals the incredible experience that they are is the conduct of its attendees. Bass Feeds the Soul has a few suggestions to insure you and everyone around you get the most out of your experience this summer.

1. Be respectful of your fellow festival attendees.

Everyone attending paid their way and wants to have a fantastic time. We have all seen instances of just plainly disrespectful people ruining someone else’s fun. Let others through when they are trying to get somewhere. Don’t purposely spill someone’s beer, no matter how drunk you are. Help someone up if they have fallen. Restrain yourself from having sex with your girlfriend in front of thousands of people. Don’t throw your shoe or water bottle at the artists on stage. It does not take too much to consider how to be respectful. Just imagine someone doing it to you or in front of you. If you would not appreciate it, you probably shouldn’t do it.

Unfortunately, many reports of fatal incidents have plagued the festival scene for years now. At Ultra Music Festival in Florida this year, a security officer was trampled by a crowd of people who were trying to gain entry without tickets. Multiple reports of drug overdose at festivals have also been released this year alone.

2. Safety first.

It is of the utmost importance to be responsible enough to keep yourself safe first and foremost. If you choose to use illicit substances, do so in a reasonable manner. Know your body and your limits so that you do not become a statistic or a headline. Do not allow yourself to be in a position where you may be slipped an unknown substance. Also, pay attention to the safety of others. If you notice that someone may need medical attention, it is imperative that you help them out. Many times people who are trying to get someone else help cannot get them through the crowd. Allow these people by so that they can receive the help that they need.  

3. Spread the love.

A festival is a beautiful experience where music fans of all backgrounds and walks of life come together to appreciate the culture surrounding the scene. Being in this setting is the perfect time to set aside all your negative emotions and appreciate the beauty of humanity and music. Give everyone a friendly smile. Meet new people and listen to their stories and tell them yours. Share a warm embrace with a stranger. The music scene is unique in bringing people together despite their differences. Use this opportunity to give and receive love freely.


If you boil all of these down, you realize that it amounts to what EDM fans all claim to practice and preach: PLUR. For many, PLUR does not exclusively apply to raves and it should be applied to all festivals and interaction with others. During your festival experiences this summer, sharing the peace, exuding love, acknowledging our unity, and respecting your fellow human beings will lead to the best possible time for you and everyone around you. See you this summer!

Written by Kael Parker

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