Favorite Memories at Shambhala

We were able to sit down with a few people to talk about their favorite memories that were made at Shambhala Music Festival over the years! Here's what they said:

"My favorite Shambhala memory was creating a hundred person train through the village. It started with 20 of us, and all of a sudden I look back and there was at least 100 people all connected by the shoulders. It was amazing" - Blayne P. 

" I have been to shambhala the last 3 years and will go until I die.  I met my girlfriend of 3 years at the Pagoda. Which cannot begin to explain how much Shamb has changed my life. I really wish everyone in the world could at least experience shamb once, it would change the world." -Josh G. 


"Favorite Shambhala memory ever over the years is so hard to pin point.... but last year I was walking in the Labyrinth and I came to the end of the trail as it opened up to the Nebula.  There was a circle of people there and I was ushered into the circle by a smiling man who spoke so softly. He said "you made it" as we began spinning in circles together in one dizzy hug that lasted for what seemed like forever. Finally afterwards I was able to share that I didn't think I had been lost. The man replied with a smile and said "we are all lost until we come home."  One of the most life changing moments I've experienced." -Bryan P.

"My favorite Shambhala memory was when our crew made the gigantic glow snake last year that snaked it's way around and through the Pagoda Stage during BIG GIGANTIC!!! Too much fun... Also, 'the proposal' at Disco Dave in the Fractal was simply amazing...." -Jason F. 

"My favorite Shambhala memory isn't so much a memory as a fact, there is so much love , creativity and brotherhood at Shambhala, it restores my faith in humanity every year and if you go It will truly change your life" -Jessica M.

"I went to sham for my first time last year. I didn't even know what edm music was and had never been to a festival before. When I came back I was changed, I didn't have a single bad day (whether it be at work or whatever) for like a many months and met a ton  of amazing people and had the best time ever.  As for a specific favorite memory, there was someone who set up a Christmas tree (or some sort of tree) in the town and everyone kept adding glowsticks to it and singing Christmas carols around it...a bit odd yes, but amazing" -Kyle R.

"One of the best things about Shambs "do you know what time it is?" you look at your wrist and smile and say :It's shambhala o'clock" - Lisa N.

"My favorite memory was last year During the first couple days when every few minutes everybody on the grounds starts whooping and yelling excitedly in a huge wave that sweeps all the way across the festival." -Chris D. 

"My favorite memory is bumping into an international artist the day after a show and having a great little conversation. Shambhala seems to put everyone on a level where anyone can smile and say hello to anyone. Also, the reverberations rippling through the crowds around you to continue down the valley as far as your bass pierced ears can hear, I truly love those cheershambawaves" -Ryan L. 

"Favorite memory hands down was Shpongle and Pixel's Monday morning set Shambs 2006 wowza!!!" - Ken W.

"Favorite memory: I met a girl who lost her keys not once but three times!! And somehow got them back every time, I lost my gopro and somehow I get a random message 8 months later from a stranger who tells me his friend has my camera with the memory card in it! I'm now in the process of getting it back thanks to those kind people!  Another wicked thing is the feeling of community that you will never get at any other festival, you don't hear people saying happy motion notion or happy fozzy fest, and if you yelled the festival name at the top of your lungs you probably won't make a few thousand people start cheering like you can at shambhala, so many more reasons too it's just the best place on earth." -Boschco H.

"My favorite past experiences at Shambhala would have to be being surrounded in a surreal setting spacious ranch, there's no place like it. You’re in love with the trees and mountains, (with the) people dancing and grooving everywhere, and crazy costumes. There is so much love at Shambhala. People accept you for who you are there, (and you are all) one great big family of friends getting their freak on all day and night long. You can dip in the Salmo River on a hot day! You get to go camping (as part of the experience).” -Saylor R. 

After speaking with past festival attendees it was clear, Shambhala is a fantastical weekend that not only creates memories that will last a life time, but an experience that will change your life. The sense of community is seldom found in other places around the globe. The festival, set deep within the woods of British Columbia, allows people to let loose, to be themselves, and to experience new things. All while being surrounded by great music, beautiful people, and a gorgeous landscape.  Tickets are still available for the 2014 festival, happening August 8-11. 

Find Tickets Here: http://tickets.aws.shambhalamusicfestival.com

Written By Madi Lawton

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