Emerging Artist: Martin Garrix

Martin Garrix at Life in Color

Martin Garrix at Life in Color

At the beginning of the year, Martijn Garritsen, also known as Martin Garrix, was listed as an artist to watch. Seeing as how 2014 was supposedly going to be his “big break”. Luckily for Garrix all of the intrigued EDM bloggers, reporters, and journalists were correct.

Garrix was born in the Netherlands, in which he soon grew to embrace the culture of EDM. His passion arose from learning how to play guitar by the age of 4.  After seeing DJ Tiesto play at the Olympic games in Athens in 2004, Martin had a sudden realization and decided to focus his life goals on becoming a DJ. This Dutch DJ is currently signed to Spinnin’ Records, which is a Dutch independent record label founded in 1999.  This record label hosts forty sub-labels that all focus on progressive and electro house music.  Garritsen currently is enrolled in Herman Brood Academy, which is a production school in Utrecht.

Martin Garrix is most commonly known for his recent track “Animals”, which was placed in the Top 10 hits throughout more than 10 countries. This track reached the number 1 spot in the United Kingdom as well as Belgium. Another track called “Wizard” was also a hit in various countries across the world in 2014.

This year proved to be Martin’s “big opening act”, for he has now gone global thanks to his recent releasing of “Animals”. Impressive at the very least, only two years ago Garritsen was just getting started. The DJ released a co-released song “BFAM” with Julian Jordan, in which he won the SLAM! DJ Talent of the Year Award.  His rise to fame came quickly through his 2013-2014 solo releases. Now that Garrix has been put in the spot light his fans are eager to see what he will come up with next. 


By Taylor Robinson