Emerging Artist - Lanky Banks


     Hench. Chances are you’ve never heard of it, but it is unmistakable once you’ve listened. Nestled deep in the confusion of EDM sub-genres, pseudo-genres, and everything in-between, lies “hench”. This stuff isn’t something that can be casually played at a Starbucks without someone asking for the manager- in fact, that’s where I met up with Lanky Banks; Southern California Hench music duo Scott Metrakos and Colt Nelson. After seeing their performance DJing at the Yost Theater a few nights before, I was eager to sit down and ask them some questions. The two enlightened me on some of the basics of hench and the inner-workings of their music.


    Often times, the roots of devoted dub-steppers music taste originate in heavy metal. Taking their passion for raw-untamed sound, Lanky Banks in putting out mixes that will help you to unleash your aggression in the best way possible. Artists like Skrillex, Bassnectar and Seven Lions all began in the dark corner of the music industry and have ended up in the EDM scene. It’s no secret that dubstep is the most closely linkable genre to heavy metal. But if we take a closer look, dubstep is divided up into sub-genres of it’s own. Hench, the English brother of bro-step and heavy dub, is the most volatile, gnarly division of dubstep there is.


     Colt Nelson, half of Lanky Banks, describes their sound as the exact opposite of what can commonly be found at the main stage of music festivals. There are no progressive house build-ups or crowd-pleasing, kid friendly drops. An absence of kandi is noticed, and the girls in tutus have long since gone home.  The externalities of raving are set aside as those who are in the presence of Lanky Banks rage their problems away. The pain in my neck the next morning reminded me that I need to take it easy on the head banging; but Lanky Banks provided the perfect environment to get out some crazy.

     Using a all Gold Pioneer dd jsx and fl Studio, Scott and Colt execute their music making process. In the future they aspire to produce their own sound and songs, but for now they mash-up their favorite tracks into one of their own. The difference is, instead of being able to recognize the song being spun in, it is almost undetectable. Similar artists include P0gman, Cookiemonsta, Juju, Trollphace, Getter and 12th Planet. At a time when everyone is trying to stray away from mainstream electronic sounds, now is your opportunity to get face-melted like never before. Hench is not for everyone, but for those who are fans of this growing European electronic music- definitely give Lanky Banks a listen!



Written by: Melanie Gordon


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