Weighing in: How 2 Weekends Will Affect EDC Vegas


Pasquale Rotella, the founder of Insomniac Events and mastermind behind everything Electric Daisy Carnival, recently brought up the idea of a possible expansion to two weekends for EDC Las Vegas. Insomniac Events, who put on the first EDC 18 years ago, boasts about bringing the unique and magical EDC experience to it’s attendees. With the flagship Las Vegas stop this year bringing in more than 400,000 attendees over the 3 day festival weekend, there is no way to underplay the massive economic impact that the festival brings to the city.

Earlier this month, Pasquale Rotella made public his considerations about expanding EDC Vegas to two separate, 3 day weekends in future years. He says he has always considered it, and with EDC Vegas getting more massive each year, it seems like a viable option to start to seriously consider.

So what does this possibly mean for the festival?

One of the major issues that comes to mind when I first heard about this was the whole unity that is EDC will be diminished. The beautiful part about the festival is that everyone comes from all over for the one magical weekend. You can have nothing in common with the person standing next to you, yet at the same time, have all you need in common- you’re both at this amazing experience. There is this certain inexplicable beauty when you look out into the festival grounds and see everyone coming together under the electric sky for the same experience. I love that so many people refer to coming back to EDC Vegas as “coming home”, and this just won’t be the same if there are two weekends of the festival. While expanding this to two weekends would certainly weaken this sense of unity and community, the expansion seems good for other aspects of the festival.

More people might be able to attend the festival if there are two different weekend options. But with this, there are also going to be people who will be out for both weekends, which might put extreme stress on their bodies and health if they try and go too hard. Another plus is that the production can be used more than once- although I feel like Insomniac might switch up some of the art installations, stage designs, and such, the main costly production will be able to be used twice. The stages and larger set-ups will already be up and ready for another weekend, which means they can get more out of the whole production process. There is no saying how ticket prices will be affected, as they are steadily rising as years continue. The two weekends will definitely benefit the Las Vegas economy, because not only will two weekends bring more attendees directly into the festival, but it will also bring double the people into the city buying hotels, taxis, food, other EDC week events, and helping further the positive impact that EDC has on the city’s economy. Another questionable aspect of the expansion would be the artists. There might be artists playing both weekends, there might be some who aren’t. This might cause conflict if there are some DJ’s playing one weekend and not the other, and for those who are playing both, they have to work extra hard to put together two incredible sets. It’s already an amazingly massive festival, and the expansion will not only impact the overall EDC experience, but will impact it’s growth as a festival.

While there are pros and cons to the possible expansion of EDC Vegas, there is no way to truly know how exactly Insomniac Events’ plans to handle it if they do go about this. I have full faith in Pasquale Rotella, because he truly believes in and cares for his attendees, as well as the empire he has flourishingly created. Whether or not this expansion happens soon, or happens later, there is no doubt that next year’s EDC Vegas will be another magical experience under the electric sky.

Written by: Christina Pitch