EDC Death Confirmed to be Ecstacy

On Saturday of EDC Las Vegas weekend, a 24- year old man was pronounced dead. Montgomery Tsang collapsed in the parking lot of the Las Vegas Motor Speedway as he was leaving the festival grounds and was declared dead in a local hospital shortly after. A few days prior to his death, coroner officials ruled Tsang's death an accidental overdose on ecstasy. A pre-existing heart condition also factored into Tsang's death. Montgomery is just one of several EDC goers who unfortunately lost their lives during the weekend. Deaths of the other two EDC goers are still undergoing investigation and the cause of each death has not yet been confirmed.

Nearly 800 attendees were treated for medical conditions, including dehydration and exhaustion, 25 were admitted to local hospitals and several dozen faced drug charges from local police. Insomniac responded to this tragedy by releasing this statement the last night of the festival, "One death is one too many, and we must all do our part to keep each other safe, happy and healthy, tonight and every night". One can experience symptoms of overdose within 20 minutes of ingestion. Keep these symptoms in mind when someone you know or encounter could be experiencing an overdose: headache, nausea, panic attack, blurred vision, etc. Tragedies like these and overdoses can be easily prevented as long as we remember to always keep health and safety in mind throughout our time at festivals.

The EDM world prides itself on being full of love and positive vibes. Anyone who has ever attended a festival can stand by the fact that one does not need to be on drugs in order to have a good time. These festivals are filled with nothing but good vibes and amazing people who are all coming together to share the same life changing experience. It is important to keep these things in mind when attending festivals. Staying safe at festivals are key to having an unforgettable experience. It is important to stay hydrated and always pace yourself, making sure to take breaks and rest in between each set you plan on seeing. All festivals in the dance music world can easily be considered the most memorable experiences of your life. it is crucial to always be safe in order to prevent tragedies and/or having your experience take a turn for the worst.

Written By: Taylor Huie