DJ Mag Top 100 DJS, What is the Contest Really About?


Every year the anticipation for who shall be crowned the #1 DJ crosses the minds of people all around the world. With Hardwell being knighted as the #1 DJ in 2013 according to DJ Mag Top 100 DJS, this year brings even more anticipation to see who will be the “Grand Poobah” of EDM. Annually DJ Mag holds the golden snitch when it comes to Top 100 DJ Polls. This makes us wonder, what methods do they use to determine who truly is #1? How does it work? What is this contest really about?


            DJ Mag has been attributed to have “…a global reach bigger than any other dance music magazine brand…” (said in the DJ Mag 2014 voting kit) this just goes to show how iconic this music brand is. However, how is the #1 DJ truly determined? Many think that the brand will only choose the best artists depending on their gross albums sold. However, that’s not the case here. This poll is all about the fans. In the EDM scene many artists wouldn’t have made that hit song, or made their festival, if it weren’t for the fans. The fans choose who truly is #1 by their own personal taste in music. In my opinion that’s what this poll is all about.


           On the other hand, how does this contest actually work? Since the contest is solely fan determined, DJ Mag uses a poll through their website to get accurate entries ( The voting started July 14th, 2014 and ends on September 14th. Although with every contest there has to be some restrictions. DJ Mag stated in their “Top 100 DJs 2014 – Voting Kit” that  Any persons offering incentives or trying to corrupt the voting system in any way run the risk of being disqualified. DJ Mag reserves the right to publicly name and shame any artist or organization who attempt to corrupt the voting system or the integrity of the poll.”


           The fact that the fans have the ultimate say in the contest winner gives the poll much more credibility. truly nailed it when they said, “What’s really being acknowledged is a fan’s taste in music. In the dance music industry, telling someone they have great taste in music is like telling them that they’ve been accepted to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry” (  I couldn’t agree more with this, the fans are the true reason why an artist/producer makes or break it. The fans decide what’s a #1 hit, and you know what the fans should be able to decide who truly is #1 DJ in the world.


Written by

Chris Urbanek