Deadmau5's Top 5 Twitter Tantrums


1.  Deadmau5 vs. Madonna

    @deadmau5: @Madonna You're a role model to 100s of millions. You have a powerful voice, EDM could use your positive influence, not “molly talk”

After Madonna questioned the crowd of Ultra Music Festival, asking them if they had seen “Molly”, Deadmau5 made the comment above in response. Madonna later on claimed she had been referring to the song and not the drug but that still did not stop Deadmau5 for voicing his opinion about the pop star’s comment.

2. Deadmau5 vs. Snooki

    @deadmau5: @snooki okaaayyy… strange twist of events here… Isn’t your entire career owed to getting punched in the head on TV?

After Snooki tweeted that she would be watching MTV’s DISconnected- a show which shows the negative sides to living online- because she “hates digital drama and abuse”, Deadmau5 couldn’t resist tweeting back to Snooki with this sassy comment. Snooki was definitely blind sided seeing as she is a huge fan of Deadmau5. She responded, “Since when are you a hater? Idc what you say, i’ll always love your music”.

3. Deadmau5 vs. MTV

    @deadmau5: Meh. Can I somehow opt out of this? @mtvema

Switching from pop stars to major television networks, Deadmau5 tweeted this in regards to his nomination for the European Music Awards. After tweeting this, Deadmau5 asked to be removed from the nomination. Safe to say that after making this comment, he probably wouldn’t have won anyway.

4. Deadmau5 vs. Justin Bieber

    @deadmau5: Dear @justinbieber, would you please grow the fuck up already? In the meantime, put a shirt on, and stay away from nightclubs

Prior to the pop star allegedly gatecrashing Michael Woods’ DJ set in South Korea, demanding him to play hip hop and apparently taking a swing at his tour manager, Deadmau5 went on a twitter rampage against Justin Bieber. He even went to the extremes of apologizing to the Canadian people for his fellow native’s behavior.

5. Deadmau5 vs. Tiësto

    @tiesto: The highlight @deadmau5 his set @ultra was when he played @avicii ‘s levels! #amazing

    @deadmau5: are you about to give me shit for playing levels? Christ if i had a nickel for everytime someone played levels, I’d buy a 15 mil house

    @tiesto: oh wait, was @deadmau5 being sarcastic when he played @avicii? that’s pretty sad taking a piss on someone who’s in the hospital

    @deadmau5: @tiesto @avicii how does someone play a song sarcastically? am I supposed to sneer while hitting the sync button? or is that ironic?

Whether Deadmau5 played levels as a joke or a tribute to his fellow EDM producer who was in the hospital at the time recovering from surgery is open to interpretation. Tiësto was in fact just applauding Deadmau5 for supporting Avicii and his fellow EDM colleagues which quickly took a turn.

Written By: Taylor Huie