An Interview with Evan Riley

Evan Riley is a Philadelphia based Trap/ Future Bass DJ & Producer. From what used to be a passion with Emceeing has brought Riley a very large and fast-coming presence in the Philly EDM Scene. Having played alongside some pretty large and respected clientele in the Electronic community during his short time within the Scene, at only 19, He’s played with the likes of Yellow Claw, GTA (Good Times Ahead), Seven Lions & Many more that we wish we could name. I was able to catch up with Evan Riley recently and interview him. Can’t wait to see what more he has to offer to the electronic scene.

Property of Jessa Bintliff

Property of Jessa Bintliff

Q: What made you transfer from Hip-Hop to electronic music?

A:“Hip-hop was really cool and it was awesome, but I think it was a phase for me. See, I wanted to get serious and see myself realistically working out in the end. I wanted to identify my confidence within my own voice. I would rather not put out music, than put out music that I’m ‘satisfied’ with. I care a lot about my music. I was into the rave scene in high school. Concerts were where majority of teens in the schools near me would go to have a good time. I have always been a fan of electronic, it was easy to like it. I carpooled with my best friend Charles to school, everyday, 7:35am.. I always made mixed cd's. I made 5 song mini mixes that helped me work on transitioning stuff. I got better and better over time. I have always had a strong interest in expanding those little free time mixes into something real.”


Q: How did you get to where you are today?

A: “Sound Garden Hall, a venue in Philadelphia, posted looking for local artists. There were a ton of responses. I was about 500 people down on the list and one day I got a Soundcloud message saying, “Hey give us some more info, we want you to play a show.” I was so excited that they actually took the time to look through all of those posts, but I was even more excited about the opportunity that was yet to come. I was able to not only play a show on my birthday, but I was opening for Yellow Claw. No one knew who I was. When the set started, there was no one there, and it ended with a room full of people. This was the first time I cried out of happiness. The manager of the venue said he’d never seen anyone do that before. He ended up keeping me around. I have now played shows with GTA, TJR, Jauz, and Seven Lions. The owner patted me on the back and said, “This kid will be big one day.” It was weird to hear so early on in my career.“


Q: DO you fan girl?

A: “No because I learned early on with Ground Up and OCD: Moosh  & Twist that they’re just people.”


Property of Noah Fawks

Property of Noah Fawks

Q: Why didn’t you choose a stage name?

A: “Because that’s not what I want to prove. I don’t need to put on a mask. I want this to be real, I want this to be me. I think you get more out of it and I feel more humble and grounded when using your true identity. Your past life is attached, the good and the bad. I like that you can grow from an identity, and I want to carry it with me. I want to be approachable. I'm just a nerdy white kid from Havertown, PA that just wants to do music.  I want to be keeping it personal. I don't want to seem intimidating...and I also promised my mom.”


Q: I remember you tweeting about becoming closer with your father… has that inspired you in any way?

A: “I was rapping at The Theater of the Living Arts with OCD: Moosh & Twist and Ground up. I thought my brother and sister would be there. I got off set and security had actually let my dad through. I saw my dad and he had tears in his eyes and so I hugged the dude. My dad and I didn’t have the strongest connection, we fought a lot when I was growing up, and he was very demanding, I felt like I couldn’t fulfill the things he asked of me. That moment, seeing him there, cancelled out everything bad I had with him. That was the start of the incline, he said, “I’m going to support you and I see how much it means to you. Anything you want to do I will do for you.” This allowed our relationship to regrow. I am thankful for that.”


Q: I see that you have a lot of energy at shows do you think that impacts the audience?

A: “Yes, definitely. The way I see it, I’m a fan of the genre and always will be, I as a fan know what gets me excited, so if it gets me excited, it will get other people excited. If you want the crowd to be hype, you have to be hype.  Just because I’m an opener right now, that doesn’t mean I can’t give you one of my best performances.”


Q: What’s next?

A: What’s next? Damn. I want to stop making remixes and I want to start making originals. Hopefully this summer I can bust my butt and put out an EP. I would love to play a show outside of Philadelphia. Getting off my controller and learning CDJ’s…to be more professional and overall better would be cool too.”


Bass Feeds The Soul is lucky enough to be releasing Evan Riley's monthly series mix! The mix is located above.

As stated by Evan Riley:

“You don’t have to run up the whole staircase to get to the top. You can go up one step at a time and make it.”


Instagram: @evanrileymusic

Twitter: @EvanRileyMusic



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Written by Benna Coben

An Interview With Cyberbully Mom Club

Immediately after hearing the name, “Cyberbully Mom Club”, I felt I had no choice but to listen to this band. With such an amusing and unusual band name, I was not sure what kind of music to expect. I was greeted by a completely unique sound that I now completely adore. They have a very organic and soft sound, thanks to the combination of delicate vocals and gentle instrumentals. I have an immense appreciation for bands that make the kind of music they love, and put their hearts fully into their work, and this becomes evident when listening to Cyberbully Mom Club. I was in communication with the drummer of the band, Sam, and the lead singer, Shari, to find out a little more about their history as a band, and where they are headed.

Most of the band members met because of their mutual enrollment at the University of the Arts located in Center City, Philadelphia. Cyberbully Mom Club was originally created by the lead singer, Shari, and was the lone member of the then- solo band. Shortly after the creation of the band, Sam, Alex, and Peter were added to the mix. I found out that the enjoyable name of Cyberbully Mom Club has no backstory or clandestine meaning. Shari explained that, “The name does mean absolutely nothing. Never intended for the project to get too serious, so the silly name was something that I just decided to write under a song I wrote one day. Then it kind of stuck - and sometimes I wish our band name was more serious, but other times I just think, ‘Who cares’ - it's just a band name, we have fun.”

When I asked about their writing process, Sam explained, “As of right now, our current work flow is the general themes and lyrics of songs are written and created by Shari, but once they are brought into our full band practice they are re-harmonized, rearranged, and adapted to accommodate to our full band sound. Some songs more upbeat, some more technical and flowy.” The band members agreed that bands like Hop Along, Best Coast, Moldy Peaches, and SALES all contributed to the inspiration and influence of their sound. Sam decided that their highest point as a band was having the opportunity to open up for one of their influential (and favorite) bands, SALES. When talking about that show, Sam said, “Shout out to them for being our favorite stars and some of our closest friends. Shari is visiting them in Florida this summer- definitely one of the coolest things about playing music is making great friends like that.”

While this was their highest point as a band, I was curious to what their lowest point together was. Last winter, while they were on tour with Fun Home, their van broke down in Bloomsburg, on the way Pittsburg. It was the final date of their tour, and they unfortunately didn’t make it, and didn’t get to say goodbye to their tour mates. Even though this disappointing turn of events happened, they described that, “...we had to seek refuge in a Red Roof Inn and recorded intimate motel room sessions of our songs. It was snowy and cold on top of everything too, but we definitely made the most of it and had fun together.”

It seems that Cyberbully Mom Club has some big plans for the future. Short term wise, “We do have some upcoming plans and opportunities for touring and/or traveling to do some shows outside of Philly. As for official announcements of a tour... not yet. But, fingers crossed, we can work something out! We would all love to tour like we did this past winter, but we have to make sure it all works with our schedules this summer - we all won't be in Philly so getting everybody together is a little bit more difficult.”. As far as their long term goals go, Sam told me that, “Our long term goals as a band are to expand upon everything. First, we want to record a full band album. We want to tour again. Preferably through the southern part of the states and for a longer time. We also want to link up with other bands and try to be more consistent playing venues (not house shows). Even though we have a soft spot for house shows, of course. We've grown a lot as a band and came a long way though, we all have gotten closer than ever within these past couple of months and playing music together has been so fun and rewarding. We plan to release something special super soon.” I am very eager to see where this very kind group of individuals goes in the future!

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Written by Zoe Whitley

Boulder's very own BABU

 In the spotlight today is BABU: the musical conscience of Boulder based producer/DJ, Amr Jan. Originally from Ann Arbor, Michigan, Amr began playing the drums at the ripe old age of 11 and throughout the years picked up piano, guitar, and bass. He grew up listening to the likes of Steely Dan, Rage Against the Machine, Armin Van Buuren, and everything in between. He says that Muse’s integration of pop, rock, and classical music, paired with interesting synthesizers, and heavy guitar riffs was his greatest source of inspiration for musical creativity, which ultimately led him to experimenting with electronic music. His appreciation of music from all genres has set him apart from the crowd. Pulling aspects and motifs from a myriad of genres; Amr has honed in on and refined his production style, creating a unique sound. Amr is a producer that you should keep your eyes peeled for in the music industry. Make sure to check out his debut single Truck Thumpin’ and keep an eye out for BABU’s next big drop.

BABU throwing down at a YIK YAK event

BABU throwing down at a YIK YAK event


If you want to catch BABU live, come check him out at Unity Night on June 3rd at Cervantes’ Masterpiece & The Other Side.

For ticket information email


Written By: Lee Potter

Deep House in SoCal: LEONTIS

The uprising of local talent in Los Angeles has given way to a surge of more underground artists emerging in south OC to supply the demand for more homegrown music. LEONTIS (Andrew Leontis) has been making waves in SoCal’s deep house scene for the past two years as I’ve watched his career progress.

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Center Coast

In this new continuous series, I will be highlighting some up-and-coming bands, DJs, and artists. To kick the series off we will be highlighting Center Coast, a funk and soul band based in Minneapolis.

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