Emerging Artist - Bass Physics

       Born in Denver, Bass Physics is a duo consisting of A.P. Adair and Luke Sims. Combining classic rock influences with the new electro soul sound, these talented young producers have been tearing up the game recently with their most recent EP, Where Do We Turn, released just 6 months ago. Although this group is still relatively underground, it isn’t going to be long before these guys are selling out shows and headlining festivals around the globe. They are next due up to play at South Park Music Festival this 4th of July weekend in South Park, Colorado, bringing the positive vibes back to their loving home state. It’s always really nice to see producers making such a change at such a young age, and only leads me to want to keep supporting and encouraging their success even more. Using a bunch of old school samples, the group throws mean electro twists over the beat and guitar progression to make for some filthy and intimate drops. Their most recent School’s Out Mix showed the true spectrum of their sound, as well as their ability to smoothly transition and play with all of their newly produced tracks. These two seem to thrive with songs that have had a lot of classic appeal in the past, throwing in remixes of “School’s Out” and Cage the Elephant’s “Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked”.

Bass Physics performance at South Park Music Festival. Photo property of Tyler Fey

Bass Physics performance at South Park Music Festival. Photo property of Tyler Fey

        More recent releases such as their newest remix of the Blue Foundation’s “Bonfires”, along with their original tracks “Heal Me” and “This Is Me Feat Callie Belo” just go to exemplify the glory of how far these producers can get dwell in the electro soul genera, incorporating smooth beat progressions with deep buildups and intimate drops. As a DJ, it is always fun to play around with Bass Physic’s tracks, as the duo has made sure to make most of, if not all of their content available for free download. They keep their tracks in a perfectly respectable and excellent BPM range, and the musical keys the group decides to use are incredibly appealing to any true electronic fan. Take a step back and really listen deeply to some of these tracks, and you will instantly understand why Bass Physics is some next level stuff. It is always wonderful to see artists such as A.P and Luke providing their work for free to anyone who wishes to give it a deeper listen, as this kind of view on the music community is definitely what needs to continue to keep being spread around the entire music scene as a whole.

    Following the duo’s performance this weekend in South Park, the group will be making its way to the legendary Red Rocks Amphitheatre, where they will be playing Global Dance Festival on Saturday, July 19th.  If you haven’t had the opportunity to catch Bass Physics live yet, make sure to hop on that as soon as possible as it isn’t long before this tandem will be selling out venues left and right. We are getting to enjoy this groups gradual rise to stardom, and it is always awesome to get to be some of the first to witness greatness in the making. Be sure to keep an eye out for some new releases as well, as these guys never stop producing and making their fans happy. Overall, these two are a great group of gentleman who definitely know what’s up with music and life as a whole. Take a few minutes out of your day to check out some of their tunes and make sure to support them at any show that might be rolling through a town near you. I can assure you that you most certainly will not regret it.


Written By: Cooper Turley