5 Reasons Why You Should Never Bring Your Pet To A Festival

Water, snacks, extra clothes, sunglasses, a sleeping bag…there are things that are necessary for your own well-being at a festival. There are several things that are not; number one being your pet. Most camping festivals now have written rules against the addition of one’s pet because it has been a problem in years past. Not everyone is bringing their pets along, but there are always a few that simply do not understand the dangers and inconveniences of the situation that animals create. (Note: Exceptions may include service animals, but only under the most necessary of conditions…)


Here are five reasons why you should never bring your pet along.


1.      In most cases, animals have higher sensitivity.

- Animals rely on their senses to survive, due to this,  their sensitivity is much higher than that of humans. For example, dogs are able to hear up to four times the distance of their human companions. Dogs detect sounds in the frequency range of approximately 67 – 45,000 hertz, compared to humans with the approximate range of 64-23,000 hertz. So when that bass drops, or 808s clap, your dog is probably getting a headache from frequencies you are not even aware of. Typically, festivals have frequencies ranging from 40 - 16,000 hertz (bass to high trills), and the averages differ between each genre.


2.      In relationship with their heightened senses, there is too much stimuli for animals to be able to discern what’s dangerous and what’s not.

- To your animal, everything may seem dangerous. Everything is loud, there are moving objects everywhere, bright lights and especially other people. Animals are on a higher level of consciousness in a way; they can sense the energies of humans far past what we can. Imagine taking in the energies and thoughts of every single person at a festival and experiencing all of their emotions at the same time, all the while experiencing your own. Animals may become nervous, anxious, or even aggressive if they fear that their owner may be harmed.

- This could also lead to your pet taking on so much stress that they may stop taking care of their biological needs, such as sleeping, drinking water, or eating. You wouldn’t want to be personally responsible for your pet’s visit to the Vet ER, would you?


3.      There is a high chance of your pet accidentally ingesting harmful toxins that could attribute to paralysis, failure of bodily functions, or even death.

- A commonly found substance, that is easily reachable by animals and also carries high risk is marijuana. Marijuana is poisonous to animals if ingested in any way, which includes taking in smoke, eating it, or having it applied topically. Even if you are not one to personally take drugs, the sad fact is that many people around you are. They are dropping their bags on the ground, right in front of your pet’s nose and making these toxins very accessible.

- Humans have the knowledge that what they are taking can and will affect them in ways they do not have control over. Animals have most likely never experienced any mind or body altering substances, and what happens to them, however severe or mellow, may be very traumatic and scary when they don’t understand what is going on within their bodies.

- Chemicals such as MDMA and LSD are transferable through bodily fluids such as saliva or sweat. So even if some trippy kid is innocently bonding and petting your companion, your pet now has a high chance of absorbing the chemicals rampant in his body – and who knows what could be running through that person’s blood at the time.


4.      Your pet may be trampled, kicked, or stepped on while walking around the grounds.

- Many people are not aware of what’s going on below their eye level when there is so much to pay attention to in the crowd, on the stage, or maybe up in the sky. Don’t risk having your pet in pain for the rest of the fest because someone got a little too tipsy and tipped right onto your animal friend.


5.      If it becomes too much, your pet may just peace out.

    - If driven too far, an animal may do anything just to escape the chaos of the festival just for a little peace and quiet. Some breeds of dogs have been known to run away, and run far. The last thing you want to worry about at a festival is where your pet could have gone; tracking them down, especially if they aren’t wearing proper identification tags, may put an end to the fun of your festie. There is also a possibility of someone else taking your pet’s care into their own hands if he/she is lost and stressed out. If animal control has picked up your pet, fees are definitely impending. There are tickets issued for animals at large (running loose), a fee for impoundment, and if your pet isn’t registered either, you can face a fee for that too. On top of all this, you may be facing an animal cruelty charge for neglect.


All in all, it is just best to leave your pet in the care and comfort of home whilst you enjoy your festival adventure. If there aren’t any friends or relatives that are able to take care of your pet for the duration of your trip, you can check trusted online sources or maybe ask a neighbor. Festivals can be very stressful and dangerous places for your pet, so leave the worries behind and put your pet into good hands while you’re dancing the days away.


Written By: Jaelyn Kohl


NOTE: Bass Feeds the Soul DOES NOT endorse drug use of any kind.